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February 24, 2006


James Elston

Awesome! I love it. It would make a great label or poster or something.


Matt, very cool. I love combining type and images myself. Sounds like we are in the same biz. :-)


Oh, I like this... a lot. The way the lady is holding her mug is great. It looks as soothing and inspiring as chai tea is supposed to be.

Great illustration for this topic.


Kyle Jones

Man I love this! Such great lines- is that vector or by hand?

Amy Zaleski

This is fantastic! I'm with you on the typography thing, maybe it's the graphic designer in me! It does add a uniqueness to a piece of art - I incorporate type as often as possible in my artwork. I am also a big Chai tea fan, so...Great work, great colors, excellent for tea.

Alessandro Gomes de Carvalho

Congratulations! Excellents illustrations! Muito bom suas ilustrações! Hugs my friend!


I love the line work on the girl. Great image!



Great work! Love new ideas! Have a good week!

Princess Pepper Cloud

Looks like a soothing cup of tea..this really would make a great label... the text type really works very well with the line drawing


great job!... just saw your work for the first time... very nice!

your daughter

hey dad! thats awesome! love it...as always!

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